DIY Private Land Colorado Hunting

We and the landowners have designated a low number of Deer and Elk hunters (4-6) per season on each lease to guarantee a non-crowded, highly productive Elk and Deer hunting environment. Our leases offer a wide selection of accommodations. We have leases with cabins, camping availability or if you wish a motel stay in the nearest town. The use of ATV's is permitted and encouraged on all our Deer and Elk hunting leases.

Choose from 14 Colorado ranches for Elk Hunting and Deer Hunting for 2017 Colorado Elk Hunting and Deer Hunting Leases in hunting units 13, 15, 26, 31, 78, and 214. Hunting leases border White River and Routt. Completely furnished cabins and lodges on most leases. Maximum of 4-6 Deer and Elk hunters per lease, only one group per lease, per each of the five hunting seasons. We do not mix hunting groups. Prices range from $2300 - $2800 per hunter.

DIY Colorado HuntingPrivate and Hunting Leases in Colorado

I began Deer Hunting and Elk Hunting in Colorado over 30 years ago. We find the do-it-yourself non-guided hunt on private property to be most fulfilling and productive hunting experience available. Colorado Private Ranches is licensed and bonded in the state of Colorado (Outfitter #3163). For booking contact Cecil Kaufman by phone 318-435-5029 or by e-mail at