About Colorado Private Ranches

DIY Colorado Hunting Leases

My partner and I begin hunting in Colorado over 20+ years ago, we begin hunting on public land, after a few years of that, we saw more hunters than elk so with a few phone call leads, we begin looking for private land to lease for elk hunting. We found some good elk hunting ground and picked up a couple of leases in the Yampa area and Rifle, Silt area. We now have 10 elk hunting and deer leases in the Yampa, Rifle-Silt area. I have had some of the leases over 19 years. My partner William Allen Butler has had a Colorado Division of Wildlife Outfitters license for 14 years (#2192). We don't guide or furnish anything, except lodging. This is a non guide do-it-yourself type hunt with help from land owners and others. They will meet you there 2 days before hunt and show you the ranch, you will have good topo maps and other information. They all join a national forest and other government land. I find the Do It Yourself hunt on private land to be the most fulfilling and productive hunt of all. The land owner and I have designated a low number of hunters of each lease 4-6 guarantee and non-crowded hunting environment. We don't mix groups, so you have to have 1 group of 4-6 to lease the property.